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"Securing our nationís men and women, as well as our countryís industrial leadership,  by providing world class thermal imaging and sensing products here and around the globe for the most demanding & critical situations that confront our daily lives."




Short to Extreme Long Range Imaging                       LOFTI from 11.5 km with 1500mm lens


Port & Critical Asset Security

 Commercial Security

 Unattended Ground Sensor Systems

 Border Security

 Industrial Process Control

 Medical & Analytical Thermal Imaging







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   Imaging Technologies


           Cooled MWIR

           Uncooled LWIR

             ∑ Color Daylight




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About Critical Imaging


Critical Imaging offers a full range of thermal imaging and long range day camera products for the surveillance, security, thermography, firefighting and scientific/analytical markets.   Critical Imagingís extensive product development experience and broad range of standard products can fill nearly any observation range from macroscopic to 25 kilometers and beyond.  We offer cooled and uncooled thermal imaging products in the mid and long IR spectra, multi-spectral uncooled imagers for atmospheric monitoring as well as mil-qualified long range day cameras.


Our vertically integrated manufacturing processes and efficient operations assure that we can provide a cost effective solution for your imaging needs.   Critical Imaging can provide custom die packaging, imaging module and camera systems design to meet nearly any need from space qualified systems to hand held imagers.  We invite you to browse our wide range of standard products and welcome inquires for custom imager development.   We also offer out-of-warranty repair services for thermal imagers from all manufacturers.  We look forward to earning your imaging business.



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