A Legacy of Innovation

Critical Imaging LLC designs and manufactures high performance thermal imaging cameras, sensors and systems. CI's cameras are in use for force protection, border security, homeland security, port surveillance, unmanned remote security, Air force threat simulation and training systems, medical imaging, firefighting, medical and thermographic imaging applications to name a few. Critical imaging was formed in 2003 when purchased the assets of Infrared Components Corporation (ICC), a producer of infrared imaging components and systems founded in 1991. Today, with extensive product development experience and a broad range of standard products that can fill nearly any observation range from macroscopic to 25 kilometers, Critical Imaging has come far. Our product line encompasses cooled and uncooled thermal imaging products in the mid and long wave infrared spectra, multi-spectral uncooled imagers for atmospheric monitoring, and military qualified long range day cameras.

Critical Imaging's design and manufacturing facility is located in Utica, New York; its plant includes clean room space for optical and sensor assembly and packaging.