A Revolution In Unattended Sensing Systems

The LYNX system is a complete, battery operated system capable of providing months of unattended surveillance virtually anywhere in the world.  True Long Wave Infrared (LWIR) thermal imaging enables the system to see in complete darkness and through obscurants such as dust, smoke and light fog.  The exclusive, high resolution instant-on technology ensures that events are captured the moment they occur.  Advanced on-board image and signal processing provides a high level of analysis and image storage for up to 800 images and allows the user to analyze images in both real time and to post process data at future times. 

Easy to use Windows® compatible software provides for rapid deployment and remote command and control over long-haul data communication networks. Standard COTS cueing sensors allow for mission flexibility and configurations to match nearly any requirement. Open system architecture allows for incorporation of additional sensors, off-board data collection devices and auxiliary hardware such as advanced cueing sensor networks.  The LYNX system can be configured to call in periodically for health checks, or to re-configure the system.  Designed to be powered from standard military BA/5590 batteries, many months of operation can be achieved from just 2 batteries.  For example, 5 events per day result in operational lifetimes of over 120 days.