V-26 StrongView™ Featured Specs.

Providing high quality long range thermal imaging built with reliability, even in the toughest conditions, in mind. The v-26 StrongView™ was created to take on whatever nature can dish out.

  • Fully Qualified Solution
  • Long-Range Color/B&W Imager
  • Low Light Operation to .07 LUX
  • 22x Parfocal Optical Zoom
  • Wide Dynamic Range - Dawn to Dusk
  • Image Enhancing Spectral Filters
  • Ice and Condensation Free to -40°C

MIL-Qualified Protection

SHOCK Up to 20Gs
WIND Up to 100 knots
Waterproof Waterproof to 1 meter, pressurized
IP rating IP 6-7
EMI/RFI Compatible Yes
Long Range Imaging
The V-26 features 22x optical zoom that is fully programmable for zoom position. Once focused at infinity under maximum zoom conditions, focus is "par-focal", or stays in focus over the full zoom range.
Image Enhancement Filters
In Black & White mode, a series of 4 selectable filters provide enhanced viewing in smoke, dust, sky or vegetation by filtering out spectral content that detracts from target viewing. Sharp color daylight imaging is obtained by filtering our IR content. When low light conditions warrant, the IR can be passed to the detector array for high sensitivity B&W viewing.
Broad Dynamic Range
Operation from .07 lux (dusk) to 100,000 lux is standard. The iris operates from f/7 to f/3000 automatically with manual override to provide the maximum possible dynamic range. Gain and level control is automatic or may be programmed to optimize imagery under any condition.