Intelligent Imaging, in a Rugged and Small Form Factor

With a range up to 665 meters, the V-520/521 cameras are some of the most advanced in the industry for high resolution thermal surveillance and monitoring. Built tough, with optional picatinny rail and low-cost concealment aids as well as ITAR compliant "leave behind" flexibility, the v-520/521 cameras are qualified solutions for homeland security and national defense tasks. 

  •  UGS-200 Compatible
  • High Resolution Microbolometer
  • Automatic, Motorized Focus
  • Fast change Lenses from 30° to 3.3°
  • Video Motion Detection
  • Image Compression and Archiving
  • Less than 3W with 10mW sleep mode
  • Weights less than 4 lbs with lens

Designed with Ruggedness and Versatility in Mind

TEMPERATURE SENSITIVITY -25 °C to +60 °C Operating -40°C to +60°C Storage
Waterproof Waterproof to 2 meters Pressurized
IP rating IP -67 dust & water protected
Physical Footprint 3.1" x 3.1" x 6.25" without lens Lens sizes vary
Connectivity UGS-200 compatible 19-pin Canon style connector
UGS-200 Compatible
Models V-520 and V-521 are optimized versions of the field proven UGS-200 camera. With reduced size, weight, and power consumption, the V-520/521 has nearly three times the battery life of the UGS-200 while maintaining all of its advanced trip wires, imaging capture, compression and archiving functions. Focus is now automatic for rapid deployment. Reduced detector pixel pitch and new optics choiced double usable range.
Advanced Optics
A suite of standard lenses and FPA options provides horizontal fields of view of 30°, 15°, 9.5° and 5° (model V-520), 20°, 10°, 6.3° and 3.3° (model V-521) with standard (V50) recognition ranges for dismounts to 665m. Lenses are field changeable in seconds, as well as being radiometrically designed for best performance in extremes of hot or cold. Lenses are available with diamond hard coatings for the ultimate in protection. Low cost UV-resistant plastic membrane or high performance germanium concealment windows are also available.
Automatic, Motorized Focus
Focus is now motorized and automatic, reducing lens size and weight. The auto-focus feature speeds field setup and may be automatically actuated or suppressed as conditions require.
High Resolution
The V-520/521 provides remote, visual verification of activity 24-hours a day in nearly any weather. The uncooled microbolometer with 76,400 detector elements distinguishes temperature changes as small as 0.08°C. Reduced pixel pitch lowers optic size and weight and detector cold shielding assures a uniform image in extremes of hot or cold (V-520 models).
Video Motion Detection
The V-520/521 cameras have built-in automatic video trip wires to respond to scene changes while discriminating based on target size and thermal difference.
Rugged and Versatile
The camera body and lens are each independently sealed and purged to maintain the best possible performance in the toughest of conditions.