Visualizing Petrochemical Leaks and Protecting Facilities

Thermal Imaging has long been recognized as an effective means of leak detection which provides extremely good sensitivity and pinpointing of leak location. The I-650 Thermal Leak Detection Camera provides long-term monitoring of above ground petrochemical infrastructure such as pump stations, pipe valves and joints. Particularly suited to persistent monitoring of High Consequence Areas (HCAs), the system is fully configurable for sensitivity and leak size, tolerates vibration without false alarms, is relatively insensitive to precipitation, allows for combinatorial logic based on multiple alarm thresholds and regions per scene and autonomously disarms when maintenance personnel enter the scene at manned sites, or alarms when there are intrusions at unmanned sites. Since no lighting or lasers are used, it may be readily used where nighttime lighting is restricted or where there is concern for exposure to laser light. The same camera that is used for leak detection can also provide intrusion detection with remote, eyes-on situational awareness for the operator. When used in conjunction with a DVR, the scene video at the moment of the alarm may be remotely reviewed to determine the appropriate response. Colorization of the leak condition makes analysis of video straightforward.

  • 24 Hour Leak Detection
  • Camera Integrated Alarming
  • High Resolution LWIR Thermal Intrusion Detection
  • Colorized Leak Visualization

Five Lenses for a Variety of Ranges

Model Lens HFOV Range*


7.5mm f/1.4 90° 20m (65 ft)


14.25mm f/1.2 44° 50m (165 ft)


25mm f/1.2 25° 100m (325 ft)


35mm f/1.2 17.6° 150m (500 ft)


50mm f/1.2 12.4° 200m (650 ft)
* Range assumes a plume size of 40 in² and appropriate zone parameters
Wide Range of Detectable Petrochemicals
Critical Imaging's I-650 Leak Detection Camera can detect and visualize the majority of common petrochemicals transported by pipeline, including Crude oil, Gasoline, Propane, Kerosene and many more.
24 Hour Surveillance
Observing for leaks or intrusions 8 times a second, 24 hours a day, you can rely on the I-650 Petrochemical Leak Detection Camera to monitor both manned and unmanned High Consequence Areas.
Built To Last
Critical Imaging's I-650 Series cameras are rated IP-67, having been nitrogen purged & sealed, and are able to be stored and operated in temperatures from -30°C to +50°C.
Configurable Alarming
With the I-650's smart intrusion detection, the Camera can alarm at the sight of an intruder on an unmanned site, or can be configured to ignore maintenance workers at a manned location. Four sensitive alarm zones and four separate alarm exclusion zones can be chosen to better equip the I-650 to your needs. Thresholds such as spatial, temporal, and magnitude of leak can also be configured.

For Use as Part of a Comprehensive Leak Detection System

The I-650 Thermal Leak Detection Camera is a high performance optical leak detection sensor for use as part of  a comprehensive leak detection system exploiting multiple physical phenomena. Ultimately, selection of suitable leak detection methods and decisions to take action to protect property, human safety or the environment are decisions that operators must make based on all available inputs, including thermal imaging and leak detection algorithms. Careful selection of detection parameters and field verification of efficacy under site conditions are the responsibility of the operator.