RX-365 Multispectral Thermal Imager

  • Uncooled Multispectral Imager
  • 5 Position Filter wheel
  • High Resolution LWIR
  • Built-In Data Analysis
  • Ethernet or RS-232 COMS
  • Waterproof, Dust proof to IP-67
  • Analog Video Output

RX camera series

 The RX-365 is part of Critical Imaging’s research and experimental camera series designed to provide advanced imaging solutions for technically demanding applications and clients. Based on military legacy Unattended Ground Sensor systems, the RX-365 is designed for deployment in harsh environments, unattended for long periods. Multi-spectral with advanced image processing the RX-365 is designed for industrial emissions monitoring, volcanic ash detection and atmospheric research.

Multi-Spectral Imaging

The RX-365 features a motorized, 5-position filter wheel to rapidly image 5 different LWIR spectral bands.

Standard-Setting Protection

Encapsulation to IP-67 (dust and water immersion), and exposure to volcanic emissions the RX-365 can meet virtually any industrial or atmospheric monitoring application.

Built-in Data Analysis

Atmospheric imaging using LWIR is challenging due to the very low thermal energy content and low emissivity of cooled gasses or clouds. Multi-frame integration coupled with multi-spectral images provide the leverage that is needed to to the task.  Processing of multi-spectral algorithms is built-in to the camera to eliminate the need for peripheral computers.

Software SDK

A standard GUI is available for image viewing, analysis and export as well as control of all camera functions.  A Software Development Kit is available to integrate control functions into external processing hardware if desired.

Flexible Connectivity

Standard RS-232 and Ethernet provide for digital output and imager control. The imager can be optionally programmed to communicate autonomously with a satellite modem for the ultimate in unattended, autonomous monitoring.