• High Resolution Microbolometer
  • Auto-Focus
  • Waterproof, Dust-proof to IP-67
  • RS-232, 422, 485
  • IP Addressable
  • Video Tripwires for Alarming

Performance with Affordability

Critical Imaging produces IR cameras built for the demands of long term covert surveillance in some of the most challenging environments on the planet.  We have taken that rugged endurance and combined it with the connectivity and addressability needed in today’s commercial security applications.  The result: a highly cost effective thermal camera that flexibly integrates with your security system

Industry-Leading Protection

These cameras are encapsulated to IP-67.  They are sealed and purged to maintain the peak performance in the toughest conditions.  Extremes of temperature? The SR Series cameras are rated from –40 to +60°C.   Need to clean it? Simply hose it off!

High Resolution

Uncooled microbolometer 320x240 format with 76,400 detector elements.

Flexible Connectivity

SR 500 and 600 series cameras come with RS 232 and either 422/485 or IP addressable Ethernet connectivity.   Analog video output  options include NTSC, S-Video and PAL.

Motorized Auto Focus

No more contortions as you try to focus a lens high on a pole.  Focus is remote via the PC controller or can be adjusted on-camera using the convenient rear-panel mounted keypad.

Lens Options

Lenses are available with 30°, 15° and 10° horizontal fields of view for short, medium and long range surveillance.  Models are available with field interchangeable lenses for maximum flexibility or economical fixed lenses.   All lenses are radiometrically shielded for the best performance in extremes of hot or cold and are available with diamond hard coatings for the ultimate in protection.   Imaging is enhanced with 2x digital zoom.

Video Trip Wires

Alarm detection can be automatic using video trip wires built-in to the cameras.

Configured for your needs

SR– 500 and 600 series security and surveillance cameras are feature rich and available in multiple configurations to meet your individual security needs.  Should your security application require a specialized solution, Critical Imaging’s large library of features and technologies allows us to customize your cameras without sacrificing affordability.  This is true whether you need one or one-hundred cameras.


Thermal Imaging Camera SR-500