SurveyIR IAC-580

The SurveyIR IAC-580 is a mid-wave infrared camera that incorporates Critical Imaging’s patented Image Clear™ cold shielding technology to provide optimal imagery from the detector. Equipped with the SBF-180 Indium Antimonide Focal Plane Array with high quantum efficiency (?>0.85), the IAC-580 provides high thermal sensitivity from its fast f/2.3 focal ratio. Packaged in a ventilated aluminum enclosure, the IAC-580 camera is designed for instrumentation applications for optimum performance in laboratory, light industrial or office environments. Standard bayonet mount is compatible with a range of lenses from Critical Imaging or others. May be customized for custom spectral ranges or focal ratios.

  • MWIR 1-5.4 micron InSb Focal Plane Array
  • 320x256 detector format
  • Closed cycle cryogenic cooler - no LN2
  • Standard Bayonet lens mount
  • High performance f/2.3 cold shield - Custom cold shields available
  • Standard 3-5 Micron cold filter or custom cold filters available

Thermal Imaging Camera IAC-580