LOFTI (Long Focal Length Thermal Imager)

The LOFTI system is a triple field of view thermal imager designed for surveillance and security applications where long standoff ranges are necessary.  At the heart of LOFTI is an Indium Antimonide (InSb) detector optimized for high sensitivity and low noise in the 3mm to 5mm infrared band.

The system is turn-key and is offered as a camera or with an ultra-high accuracy direct drive servo pan/tilt (pictured) or with a more conventional gear driven pan-tilt. An integrated control system and full-featured but simple to use GUI allows operation with minimal training. Position and image setting presets permit set and forget surveillance “tours” or real-time control of the camera via joystick. The system is designed for installation into a pan-tilt mount and is configured to allow several different control modes of the mount motion.

Common image enhancement features are provided in the included GUI or on the joystick. Polarity (white/hot – black/hot) control, color map selection, date and time display, and AGC region of interest (ROI) selection are all configurable.  The imaging engine also allows for both manual and automatic single point calibrations.  The imager also allows the user to select the method of AGC/ALC as well as fully override these algorithms and use manual brightness and contrast control.

The native control interface hardware utilizes an embedded computer and communicates via an Ethernet link for control from any point worldwide.

The LOFTI imager can be installed directly into any mount and may be controlled through the interface software.  The control link provides mount capabilities such as jog, slew, preset, tour and scan modes of operation.  The system allows for up to 100 presets and 32 tours, with each tour having up to 32 preset points.

Equipped with heaters and internal fans with a water-tight pressurized housing, the LOFTI is ready for nearly any environment. Additional features include window heaters and a provision to remotely update the software.

The LOFTI has vehicle recognition capability to nearly 25km with personnel identification (armed vs. unarmed) beyond 7km.  Ideal for marine applications, the LOFTI’s main telescope with its 1.5 meter focal length allows type recognition of small craft beyond 20km with a high degree of confidence.



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