ReconIR 100/500 – Outdoor Thermal Imaging Camera

The ReconIR is a completely ruggedized, outdoor thermal imaging camera system.  Complete with self-contained environmental conditioning and pressurized housing, ReconIR can handle a wide variety of ambient conditions, from cold extremes to desert heat.

At the heart of the ReconIR system is a 320 x 240  Indium Antimonide cryocooled Focal Plane, specially packaged to take advantage of a wide variety of lens focal lengths.  With an optical speed of f/4.0, the ReconIR provides extreme sensitivity for the most demanding applications and mission requirements.

Provided with a standard 100mm/500mm Dual Field of View lens, ReconIR 100/500 is ideal for intermediate range applications where personnel identification is important at ranges up to 3 miles.  Other models and lens options are available, with lens focal lengths varying from 50mm up to 250mm, with multiple FOV options available.

Control of ReconIR 100/500 is done over standard Ethernet LAN connection, and the exclusive CommandIR software provides complete control over all features of the system.